Tissue paper flowersAna DIY crafts : How to make tissue paper flowers EASY!In this video tutorial I show you step by step how to make tissue paper flowers .

Materials:                                   Materials

tissue paper
crepe paper
glue stick
polystyrene sphere Nr3
wire thread 20cm
tissue paper strips 1X15cm


1- wrap the ball with the tissue paper.


2- close the paper like a candy.

Ana DIY Crafts

3- open a little and take off the ball – do 5 in the same way.Tissue paper flowers

4- screw itself a strip of paper.


5- bend the wire into a hook shape, bend the strips in half and engage the wire to the strips.paper flowers

6- wrapping the petals around the wire.

tissue paper flowers

7- wrap wire  and a strip of crepe paper around.

how to make paper flowers


Video Tutorial:Tissue paper flowers


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