Hearts Ornament

DIY crafts : Hearts Ornament -in this video tutorial I show you how to make a Hearts Ornament  step by step.Party decorations ideas , decoration and supplies.Hanging Decorations.

Materials:                                                                                     Materials
9 cardboard strips 30 X 3cm
9 cardboard strips 25 X 3cm
9 cardboard strips 20 X 3cm
school vinyl glue
cardboard A4




Each heart is made with three strips of cardboard: 20cm – 25cm – 30cm



1- Fold the strips in half and put the three strips together with the shortest inside

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2- staple the end of the strips with folded ribbon


3- fold the ends inwards and staple all hearts

Hearts Ornaments

4- do 7 more but without ribbon

Hearts - party decorations ideas

5- form a circle and staple all hearts

Hearts ornament

6- make a different color heart in the same way with a folded strip in the middle


7- attach to the bottom of the hearts circle

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8- form a circle on the A4 cardboard sheet with an inner circle

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9- spread glue and adhere the hearts circle

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Video tutorial : Hearts Ornament