Gift BasketAna | DIY crafts: Gift Basket . A cute gift for the day of the friend,Valentine’s Day , Christmas……

Materials:                                                       materials

cooking film
hemp twine
diluted white glue
decorative elements



1- wrap the glass with cooking film

ana diy crafts

2- cut pieces of hemp twine about 60cm and wet it with water

diy sweet gift basket

3- put diluted white glue in the plate  and put the thread inside

sweet basket

4- wrap the glass with the hemp, every 5 laps down 1cm

5- let dry for a day and take off from glass

sweet gift basket

6- painting with tempera , decorate with foamy flowers , buttons and glitter glue

diy crafts

7- add a cellophane bag and Fill with

Tutorial step by step : Sweet basket




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