Cardboard Jewelry Box

With this video tutorial you can make your own  simple, easy & pretty cardboard jewelry box to store your rings, bracelets, pendants, made of cardboard and covered in decorative paper .


Cardboard thickness 0,5cm
Decorative paper
stick glue
Cold silicon glue
Pencil / rule
Adhesive tape paper
5 Beads
Felt / flannel

Cardboard Jewelry Box

Video Tutorial:Cardboard Jewelry Box


1 – mark a line 3.5cm in both sides and start making the base.
2 – assemble the base off the box.
3 – to strengthen unions stick adhesive paper tape.
4 – cover with felt the base off the shelf.

Cardboard Jewelry Box

5 – attach the shelf above the line drawn.
6 – to strengthen unions stick adhesive paper tape.
7 – assemble the drawer and glue felt to the bottom.
8 – decorate the cover with paper , in the external side glue bigest piece off paper.

Cardboard Jewelry Box9 – glue the excess paper to the box.
10 – decorate de box with decorative paper and glue to the drawer front a bead as drawer pulls.

Cardboard Jewelry Box

Click to download the parts Diagram

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