Baking cup flowers

Ana| DIY crafts .I show you how to make flowers with paper baking cups.


Paper baking cups for cupcakes.
Green stem wrap floral tape or crepe paper.
30cm wire.
Tissue paper.
Polystyrene sphere nr1.
Hot silicone glue.


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1- cut a baking cup in half and  6 baking cups in 6 equal parts.

2- glue the polystyrene sphere in half baking cup.

Baking cup flowers

3- glue the wire in the base.

Baking cup flowers

4- glue every part as petals.

Baking cup flowers

5- fold the tissue paper in 4 parts , cut in leaf shape and glue the leafs in the base.

6- wrap the floral ribbon or crepe around the wire.

Baking cup flowers

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